Shipping a broken amp back to Canada

I need some advise on shipping a broken amp back to Canada.
Bought an amp on the web from a guy in Canada.Upon recieving
the amp i tried it and has no sound coming from the left channel. I was able to get in touch with him and is willing to send me a replacement as long as i ship the amp back to him.I send it UPS ground and i got a note from him saying he is being charge $118. brokerage fee,so how can i ship my amp back to
canada without him paying brokerage fee.
thanks for any info.
Include a bill of sale and state it is being returned to be repaired.UOS will still cahrge you a fee.If you sent it USPS you would avoid this problem.
Natalie is right: NEVER use UPS to Canada. USPS has always been my preferred means of shipping, but I think Fed-Ex is also more reasonable than UPS.
The fee is probably for customs clearance.The poat office charges $5.
The United States Postal Service has a 66lb weight limit. As long as you are at or under that weight you should be fine.
Two years ago I shipped a 66lb amp to the west coast of Canada via USPS. It arrived in very fine shape. It was about 15 years old. The buyer and I expected none of the old brittle backlight bulbs to work when he received it. All but one survived the trip. Don't hesitate to use the Post Office. They could use the business.