Shipping 80lb amps.

I have an offer to purchase my 80lb  Odyssey Kismet Mono's  from a buyer in Alberta ,Calgary, Ca..  Shipping from Detroit area of Mich.  

As far as insurance goes. Buyer is going to pay but who's name should it be in for a possible future claim?

Any carriers to recommend? They would just ship in original packaging ( boxes) .




As I have shipped well over 12.000  boxes in the past 20 + years,  I can definitely state that they are all the same.....UPS / Fedex / DHL,  etc.

2 problem areas:

1.  the centers in which any box will be handled and thrown around multiple times,  and

2.  ultimately the driver itself....he who doesn't give a shti is working for all of these companies.....

Any insurance co-writers of these companies have the 200 lbs per square inch impact  /  policy for the shipping boxes.  If there's damage,  and the boxes are not rated at least 200 psi's then the insurance companies (which are a nightmare to deal with anyway...deny, deny,  deny) will definitely walk away from their obligations.....   All of our boxes are indeed rated the industry standard 200 psi,  but you should check before hand whenever you ship anything.


Also,  it is  true that any box will lose rigidity after it's been shipped at least 1 time,  so yes,  all of the advice above about double boxing is a good one.....and even double boxed,  make sure that the outer box is also rated at 200.....these MF's are really peculiar about this number.....



Good luck,



Carlsbad is correct. 
Do not allow buyer to arrange shipping nor payment and to deal with the shipper, that is, use his (buyer’s) account. Insurance will not cover anything shipped to oneself. 
 As a seller, YOU arrange and pay for all shipping costs. Of course, buyer can reimburse you if agreed. This is the only way you have you have a chance at an insurance claim. 
You sold it. You ship it. You pay for all costs. 
I’d pay close attention to Klaus’ advise. He’s the man. 
Good luck. 

Use a freight company, palletize and strap the amps onto the pallet then shrink wrap over it so nothing can be placed on top of it.  Fragile stickers can also help.  Most importantly double box the amps.

Good luck!

With over 40 years experience in small package and ltl (freight) heavy items shipped UPS, FedEx will be dropped, slid, and generally mis-handled

 Freight shipments will be handled with a forklift and can have other items stacked on top. It is all about making everything fit. Loading stickers are basically useless other than helping your claim. Take pictures before shipping, document worth of item, insure, and overpack item. Wooden crate on pallet is best.

I will also add one suggestion as a shipper.  Skip insurance.  If you ever have to make a claim, you'll be making $2/hour for all the time you spend on it, not to mention frustration.

Instead box it so they CAN'T break it.