Shipping 80lb amps.

I have an offer to purchase my 80lb  Odyssey Kismet Mono's  from a buyer in Alberta ,Calgary, Ca..  Shipping from Detroit area of Mich.  

As far as insurance goes. Buyer is going to pay but who's name should it be in for a possible future claim?

Any carriers to recommend? They would just ship in original packaging ( boxes) .




Don’t let him ship the amp in original box alone!  The Boxes Odyssey uses are just, “good enough”.  After one use, they seem very flimsy.  Make sure it is double boxed!  I learned the hard way when I shipped name Stratos out in original box, it barely survived the trip. 

The magic number for FedEx is 65lbs in a cardboard box.  Above that, the likelihood of damage increases exponentially.  My advice is send it FedEx freight on a pallet.  I know this costs more but will radically decrease the likelihood of damage.  



Yep I agree with the previous two posters. Ship double boxed and freight. I think it’s a bigger responsibility for both buyers and sellers to spend the extra time and money to go the full measure... to go overboard... when shipping items both expensive and heavy....than what what one would typically want to do. When a seller cuts corners, packs too carelessly, ships too fast and has not communicated with buyer as to the expectation of the actual shipping details... things go south quickly and often the buyer and seller have to fight about insurance and coverage or compensation.