Shinon Red cartridge

Can anyone tell me what is the recommended tracking force?
I lost the manual..
I owned this cartridge back in the mid to late 80s. What a wonderful warmth and bloom in the mids. If my recollection serves me right, the tracking force was 1.8g.
I think that you would be very safe at 1.5 Grams as a starting point, and to gradually increase by ear or satisfaction to 1.8 Grams as Jafox suggested.

Agree with previous statements, you can also try to find its best tracking ability using a test LP.  I found at 1.8 g it tracks 80 with ease. Superb cart in everything really.
Dear harold-not-the-barrel: Are you aware that you gave an answer to a 2001 question?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Yes, I´m surprised how little attention this excellent vintage cart has had got over the decades. That´s why I posted, tell the world about its quality. It´s also quite cheap nowadays, second hand about 600 USD.
I agree Harold.

Many years ago I bought a Shinon Red Boron from a friend with little use.  I enjoyed it for several months until the suspension collapsed.  Fortunately for me the importer (then in Canada) offered to look at it and to my surprise replaced it with a new one.

After all this time the suspension on the second one held up and I'm still delighted with the performance.  Now it has been in and out of my system many times over the years so I can't estimate how many hours of play.  But I've invited friends with much younger ears than my own to listen and so far no one has reported any distortion or failings in the sonics that might indicate excessive tip wear.

It offers a bloom and body with natural musical sonics where I call it my "poor man's Koetsu".

Hi all, I just bought one and I am waiting to receive it. My version is the 1.0mV and I was wondering how to load it into my MM stage. I have a great Audio Technica AT 700T step up transformer that has three settings, the lowest of which is 1:15. I think this will be too high as the mm stage will see approx 11mV. 

I will use it on my Oracle Delphi Mk 3 with SME 345 Tonearm.

Any thoughts on what preamp / SUT to use. 

All feedback welcome.