Shinjitsu Audio

I've been seeing ads for Shinjitsu Audio speakers lately. They sound promising with the Heil tweeters.
Does anyone have any experience they can share?
I'm curious too. They look interesting and well built andthe prices are reasonable.
There isn't a speaker that you wouldn't keep away from kenjit.
I have not heard this speaker (until now, I had not even heard of it), but it is interesting.  I generally like AMT tweeter/midrange drivers and the idea of coupling it to a small, backloaded woofer is an interesting idea.  That would mean bass that is "fast" enough to blend well with the AMT driver.  I've heard several backloaded horn systems and they can deliver reasonably good bass.  

If it isn't way overpriced how could it possibly be good?

name sounded too corny to be authentic Japanese. After checking them out-typical American move. Reminds me of a bad infomercial product sold for $19.99, but if you act NOW get 2 with just a small shipping charge!

Even it the product is good, awful name.
There has been at least one professional review.  If I remember correctly it was very positive.
I hate to say I agree with kenjit.
Apparently the designer of that speaker is not married.
There are a few 11 month old "build" videos on youtube for the curious and brave.
I have no experience with them but i do have ess amt 1a speakers with the large heil tweeter in them and i can say that you have to spend a hell of a lot more to get even close to the sound of the true heil tweeter.
しんじつ. (. shinjitsu. ) 【 信実 】. 信実 Kanji Details. ( adj-na, n) sincerity; honesty; truth; faithfulness.

The founder/owner and his wife presented the speakers to our group,
Arizona Audio/Video Club in early December. 

Interesting story but they were not for me. 
no experience with how they sound but they look neat. 

I had a pair of ESS Monitor speakers in the 70s. I really loved the sound of the Heil mid/tweeter. I was curious if the newer iteration sounded as good as the original.
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