Shindo VS Doshi


is someone out there who have made a comparison A/B between these to wonderful preamp ?


Check the archives. I remember a thread with basically the same title a few weeks back.
What are you looking for in particular? I've done the comparison and they certainly are 2 of the world's best. You need to hear them in your system at the same time to appreciate the differences. Most in the room at the time preferred the Doshi, I wasn't so sure, the Shindos certainly held their own. Different flavors, all a matter of system balance and what you're trying to achieve...
Here we go again ; 0 ) Read the thread while it lasts.....
I personnally have a shindo, i am -as you can imagine, quite happy with it.

Owl what are the sonic difference between them ?

The comparaison was the same day in the same place ?

I'm dying to see what's next for you after Shindo/ Solovox.

I have Doshi, but never compared it to Shindo.
Doshi is very, very special preamp. The more I've been listening to it, the more I'm appreciating it's virtues.
It's quite a bit less money, than Shindo and it should be much easier to service, since it uses very common and inexpensive tubes (12AX7, 12AU7, 12BH7), as opposed to Shindo.
Samuel, yes they were all on my Wilson Maxx2 based system with a couple of different amps and front ends including ML2 Lamm's, some amps that Doshi rebuilds and I don't recall the others (there may have been a Shindo or two). Also had the Audio Research Ref3 and CJ Act2 there as well. You really need to hear the Doshi in your own setup but from my recollection (it was a while ago) the Doshi was big, solid full bodied images,great tone and texture, monstrous dynamics and bass. The Shindo was fast, detailed, transparent, very good depth and layering with a huge stage. A lot on the Doshi is predicated on the quality of the tubes you use in the Doshi as some good vintage Telefunkens can really kick it up a notch. They're both great- but also very different.
You know where I can demo one of them ?

And which tubes have you try with your doshi ?
I own a Doshi preamp with a phono section that has 3 input..MC1/MC2/MM.
I consider it one of the best preamplifiers in the world..For the money..the service you get from Doshi..(he stand by his creation..whether you bought it new or used, he goes out of his way to help you..It is not business unlike so many..
When you compare it with another have to match it with the best of any company..that is how good it is..
I definitely terms of cost it is a bit less money than Shindo..
Once owned a burmester 011..another beauty but would keep Doshi instead.
I am not connected in any way with Doshi but worth the wait (3-5 months i think)
I am about to receive a used Doshi phono stage. Doesn't the unit use 12AX7s(4)
and 12AT7s(2) not 12AU7s as stated above? I'm planning on using 4 Amperex
12AX7s (BB) and looking to get Mullard 12AT7s. Has anyone tried these tubes
in the Doshi?

That combo may be a little warm and mellow.
I am a fairly recent Doshi owner so I may not have the wealth of experience that others have. However, I have yet to listen to a single tube combination in which the Alaap doesn't fantastic. (i.e. I don't think you can go wrong with whatever you choose).

That being said, I have it on good authority that the best of the new production tubes are:

JJ gold pin ECC83S
JJ gold pin 12AT7
JJ gold pin ECC99

The ECC99 wouldn't apply to you unless have the separate Alaap line stage or full function preamp.

I recently bought the above tubes for my Alaap and they all sound incredible.


p.s. Like everyone has said before me, Nick is truly wonderful to deal with.