Shindo to open up Audio store in Los Angeles

Shindo a brand which has never been available in Southern California will open up it's first this summer. I don't have more details at this time.
You mean Matt from pitchperfectaudio is moving to Southern California? Or Shindo corp is opening their own store there?
Thanks for the heads up. It will be nice to see (hear) what others have been saying about them.
Do you think they will serve bacon?
If you are talking about Pitchperfect Audio moving from San Francisco to Hollywood then yes, there is about be a dealer representing Shindo in Socal. I can't imagine Shindo or Tone Imports opening a stand alone Shindo store though.
I meant the store in the bay area is going to be opening a store in Hollywood.

I don't think they will be serving bacon. If anything some sushi and Dom.