Shindo Preamp - Home theater bypass


I am considering purchasing a Shindo preamp (either Aurieges or Monbrison) but I do need the ability to do Home Theater Bypass. Is it possible to use Shindo Preamp in HT bypass mode?
If so, please explain how it can be accomplished

Contact Matt Rotunda at Pitch Perfect:
The answer to your question is no
shindo is about as far away from home theater as one can imagine.

they don't even have remote!
Matt Rotunda of Pitch Perfect Audio recommends setting the volume knob at the 12 o'clock position (unity gain). This is equivalent to HT Bypass on a Shindo preamp. Hope this helps.
"they don't even have remote!"

What's a remote?
Thanks all, I will contact Matt as suggested.
I thought you could special order a HT bypass with a Shindo.
I checked with Jonathan H@Tone Imports.Special order with HT-Bypass is not an option.
You can have "HT Bypass" on any preamp with Aux in's...I used to own an Aurieges. Simply plug your mains cables into the Aux input, set the vol dial to something specific, like 12 o'clock, then volume adjust using the HT remote to control overall volume. Anytime you want to watch movies, switch your Shindo over to Aux and set the dial to your set position.

It's not true bypass per se, but it worked just fine for me. More info on this method can be found online.
Tholt, Thank you.
Glad I could help. I should add the in's don't have to be Aux, they can be any open connection. I'm currently using 'Tape Loop' on my preamp for HT bypass.