Shindo pre + buget amp or Leben amp + budget pre

Relatively new to Audiogon and was looking for some advice. I'm putting together a new system, and I've decided on the WTL Amadeus with Denon 103 cart for my source, and Devore Super 8s for speakers.

I can't decide whether to get the Shindo Augieres pre and run it into a budget amp (possibly used), or get a Leben cs300xs and use a budget phono stage (again, used). Eventually I would upgrade the budget component, additional funds permitting ...

Thoughts? Thanks in advance ...
Thanks for the feedback. I might have to go budget with the ICs and speaker cable and upgrade later ... I was thinking Anti cables.
Knowing only the TT and cart combination first-hand, I would still say spend on the preamp and phono stage now, upgrade downstream later.

Have to agree with 4musica44107, that is a seriously nice system you are building, one I'd love to hear. IMHO you'll have the best time now with the bucks concentrated at the source. It's just more fun to listen that way than the other way round, and that TT can deliver as much fun as you let it.
By the way, the MM phono stage on the Shindo preamps is also quite good. The problem with the Aurieges is that it has a higher output impedance than the other Shindos, making it a more difficult pre to match amps with (especially Solid State).
The Leben integrated is also a very nice match with the Devores, a combo I heard at the Montreal show a couple years ago...
As far as your choice goes, I think it comes down to whether you think you will have more budget in the future or whether you'd just like to sit back and enjoy. The Leben will offer you the no fuss, no muss solution. The Shindo will offer a future path (although the devores will definitely reveal any weaknesses)
I suppose I'd go Leben based on what you've said...
If you get a Shindo Aurieges, make sure your amplifier is at least 50K input impedance, best if 100K input impedance or more. This will likely influence your choice of budget amplifiers.
You think 15 watts will be enough for the Supre 8s?