Shindo or VAC preamp

I have an opportunity to acquire a Shindo Allegro preamp and a VAC Renaissance Mk. II with phono both in used, but very good condition. Which would you opt for an why. I'm using Bedini 25/25 1mg. amps driving stacked esl 57's and using a CAT SL 1 Reference Mk. 2. I look forward to your timely relies.
I have a VAC Ren mkii with phono stage as well. I sent it to VAC for a tube switching upgrade (more choices on tubes) and for them to install blocks from which I could change the phono loading (which is fixed in this preamp). They also updated some of the wiring/grounding while it was there.

Overall I am very happy with it. I've had CAT Ultimate v1, Lamm, Modwright, Ayre, Hovland, Allnic - all in the $4-6k used range - and I like the VAC the best. As with anything, once I get used to the improvement, I want still more improvement! The preamp is so critical, I'd love to hear a few others in my system.

I am also very pleased with its functionality and flexibility. I like that it can be used balanced or SE, that it has HT passthru, that the remote is very functional, that it has lots of inputs. I like having a multi-functional preamp. I will say that while its phono preamp is good, it is not excellent. I have an Einstein single ended phono preamp that definitely sounds better and costs about $3k used.

Given your biamp situation, it's convenient that the VAC has two sets of RCA outs. It also has really low output impedance, so it can pair with almost all amps and drive very long runs of cables. Note that it only has a single set of XLR outputs.

Good luck and let us know how things turn out. I have a single pair of ESL57's, a Bedini 25/25, and a pair of VTL Tiny Triodes (which I prefer, although the bass is not as tight). I am very interested in the Musical Reference EL84 amp - Roger's amplifiers are impressive!
I use 3 different Shindo preamps in 3 different systems. I know nothing about the Allegro or the VAC. One of my Shindo preamp-based systems has the Augieges-L paired alternately with a Bedini 25/25 (Isn't that a fantastic little amp?!) and a Luxman MQ-88, driving Omega Alnico Super 8 speakers. The Aurieges-L is a sublimely musical partner to both amps with the Omegas. I hope this info is of some help to you. Good luck!