Shindo Masseto + Coincident Frankenstein versus Nagra 300i integrated

For a while, I have been saving up to buy a Shindo preamp to complete my system (Devore O96, AMR DP-777, Coincident 300b Frankensteins).
I am now ready to buy a Shindo preamp, but now suddenly I feel the itch to completely change my system (sell the Franks), and go for a Nagra 300i.
I had once heard a Nagra 300i connected to the O93 and it was heavenly. Also it would feel good to replace 3 boxes (2 mono amps, 1 preamp) with a single integrated amp. I am big fan of minimalism.
But is this a sonically correct move?
Or should I wait for my itch to subside and go for that Shindo preamp ?
The retail price of both options are the same, around 20K.
As a Shindo owner, I'm very happy with my Monbrisson, but I guess my tastes these days favor musical flow and a "right" midrange over detail and the other audiophile buzzwords.  I think you are looking at two different sonic presentations, each of them quite good.  The question I guess is which way do you want to go--was the sound of the Nagra something you could live with long-term?  Are you looking for a change in the sound you have?

I'm at a similar fork in the path but I would not describe it as an itch, that I'm looking to scratch.

I see it as a functional choice that can / could meet or exceed what I currently have. I'd say your question or "pause" before this purchase is very reasonable. As for being 'sonically correct,' only you determine that.

BTW, love the O/96s.
Just curious is there something about the current system you don't like? Because I see in another thread you're also looking to replace your DAC. Also may I ask what preamp you have currently?
When I got my Shindo Auriges which is there cheapest preamp it was a shock how much the improvement in sound over my Sonic Euphoria passive. Just about the best purchase I ever made
My current system NEEDS a pre-amp, my AMR is serving as a preamp right now, and I find it inadequate, which is what is wrong with it. I have been saving up for getting a good one, and the only preamp I have loved has been a Shindo.

I used to own a Monbrison too, I loved it, but sold it thinking someday I will get a Masseto which will be my last preamp.

I  heard the Nagra 300i very long ago, all I remember was that I was impressed, so can't remember if I can live with it, wondering if any shindo lovers here have heard the Nagra 300i?

And would it be able to compete with a Masseto+Coincident combo?
Aha that explains and lot and I agree with you an active tubed preamp is the way to go, I've hear the Vosne-Romanee and Aureges and really liked them both in different systems. I would say you really can't go wrong with the Shindo route or perhaps check out Audio Note UK also I am a big fan of their gear. No experience with Nagra sorry but cool looking gear for sure. Good luck and happy listening!
If you can live without a remote control you should look at the First Sound preamp.  It's an exceptional Preamp for the cost. I have the Mark 3 SI.

There is a First Sound Paramount on audiogon for $7,500. That preamp surpasses mine. You could also send it back to Emmanuel the owner of first sound and he would mod it to the SI. That is another substantial upgrade. At that level I really don't know that there's anything out there that's better, just different
Curious why you are not considering the Coincident Statement Pre to pair with the Frankie-IIs?
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@tinear123 If you need a remote, Coincident is out.  I believe they had reliability issues with the remote version, hence the removal of the product from their catalog.  
Sorry for the partial hijack.  Yep the remote version was a problem.  Is Coincident really now made in China?  Ugh, when did this start?
Since forever. Notice how he doesn’t say anywhere ion his website his electronics are made in Canada. Why do you think he sells the dynamo amp so cheap? $999 at trade shows. Because it’s actually an OEM design. There is a Chinese branded version of his amp, that has been sold since 2012, long before the dynamo 34semkii came out. It looks exactly the same, from the tube selection, the chassis, the backplate and the internals

can dig up pics tomorrow but I ain’t making any of this up.
Looks sufficiently different to assume Coincident might be using a basic chassis and trafs and modifying it.