Shindo Latour vs Verity vs DeVore ..etc

I have heard the Shindo Latour speakers driven by an all Shindo setup. The "musical" detail in that setup while not being harsh at all just blew me away. I have also read about the verity having a good synergy with the Shindo components. Can anyone who has heard the Latour and any of the others, especially the verity and the deVore please post what the main differences are in the sound? Does the verity setup have similar amount of detail? What about the devore - eights of nines? Is there any other speaker that would be a good match for the Shindo components in the lines of the Latour?

thanks in advance
I have heard the Latour in an all shindo system and have also heard verity parsifal encore/ovation and devore gibbon and nines in other systems

The verity and devore are very nice speakers but the Latour is at another level entirely IMO...but them it should be as it is 2-4 times the price.

I would contact Matt at Pitch Perfect in SF, CA and see what he can tell you...and seek a demo if possible... if you would be willing to accept the differences is only up to you.
I have heard the Silverback for a short session at a dealers, and it was very impressive. It was driven by Nagra Pyramid SS monos. I owned Parsifal Encores, and always enjoyed them. They sounded so good with Tenor OTL's, especially on acoustic stuff and vocals. The Silverback, and the 8's/9's , are easier to drive than the Verity Parsifal's. The Parsifal likes an amp that can control the bass. I cannot see less than 60 or so wpc with the Parsifal. I believe the Devore's may work better with a variety of amps that are 60 wpc or less. Two other dealers that carry both these speakers are Goodwins, and Don Better audio. Don Better has Shindo as well. Don is in Cleveland, Goodwins is in Waltham ,MA near Boston. I am not familiar with the Shindo. I know that Shindo does have some higher powered amps. If yours is say 30-40 wpc, I would think Devore, or of course the Shindo speakers. Is there a reason why you are looking at Parsifal's at 20K+, and not the Silverback in the Devore line. It would seem a much more balanced comparison. I am sure Pitch Perfect or one of the dealers I mentioned could shed a better light on things for you. Hopefully, more can chime in here as well. I would like to hear more about the Devore line as well. It's a bit quiet on the archived threads here. Maybe not so much on the 8's and 9's, but certainly on the Silverback
Thanks for your replies. Can anyone comment on which speakers are detailed? Between the DeVores and the Verity's am I right in saying that the Veritys produce a bit more body in the bottom end whereas the deVores tend to be a little leaner? is this a right assessment? I know that the Latour is in a different league - but if I understnad right there are petite latours and smaller speakers from Shindo as well, dont know how good they are compared to their top of the line speakers though.
How do the Harbeth's compare to the Verity and DeVores?

I did hear all the speakers you mentioned in complete Shindo systems, albeit only for a short time, different rooms, and different amps.

All the speakers you mention excel at detail, especially in the context of a Shindo system. The Devore Super 8 (with a Aurieges and Montille) are very even handed, detailed, dynamic, with good resolution, but also tend to be a bit leaner in my experience. The Verity Parsival (with a Massetto and Corton-Charlemagne 80) are rich, detailed and very natural sounding. Plucked string instruments like oud and guitar are pleasure to listen to. The Latour (with a Monbrison and Haut Brion/Cortese) have what none of the others have - scale. They are unmatched in detail, unlimited depth and resolution.

All speaker are excellent but work in different applications and for slightly different tastes. The Devores work very well in smallish rooms with lower power Shindo amps, the Verity need more room to breath and much more power to come alive, the Latour need a soccer stadium.

Some speakers that I would look into as well but again very different directions: Cain & Cain Abbys, Klipsch La Scala and Auditorium Solovox.

I would recommend talking or better taking the trip to one of the excellent dealers that carry all three speakers: Matt at Pitch Perfect Audio, Don at Don Better, and Jonathan Halpern at In Living Stereo.
Have heard all the above. Went with the Reference 3A Grande Veenas.
Had Harbeths and Spendors before the 3as.
It's an old post, but what about horn speakers? Not Avante Guard, so this narrows it down to DIY, vintage (Altec, Klipsch), or super spendy speakers like Shindo or Cesaro. So what about it - any experience with high efficiency speakers with Shindo amps? I have an Aurieges mated to an Haut Brion that are looking for playmates. Looking down the Altec 19 road for a temp solution until I can build horn speakers.
I heard a pristine pair of Altec Valencia's (16 ohm version) in a Shindo system about 2.5 years ago. The amp was the Cortese; I do not recall which Shindo preamp was in use. Incredibly musical! I am certain that your Aurieges and Haut Brion would play quite nicely with the Valencia's. That is, if you can find a mint pair of Valencia's. They are hard to come by.