Shindo Latour Speakers

Is anyone using these speakers in their system? What equipment are you using upstream?
I am not using using them but I did have a chance to hear them for a couple of hours in an all Shindo system (top of the line) and they were excellent. The room they were in was big and the speakers just sang...great dynamics, tonality and a vibrance to the music that reminds me of the real thing. Just a touch of warmth.
One of the handful of best systems I have heard.
If only they were not so expensive, I would have them. I would continue to use my H-Cat electronics and Shindo tt.
sorry to revive an old thread, but i too am interested to learn more about the Shindo Latour & Petite Latour speakers. more specifically - i'd like to know: (a) ideal room size; & (b) recommended placement; & (c) ideal listening distance for each of these speakers.

i'd previously emailed "Tone Imports" as well as "Pitch Perfect Audio" but hv received zero replies from them to date. would greatly appreciate any info fm "informed" Agon members. thks in advance.
I had the made-to-measure WE 753 Latour speakers custom designed by Ken/Matt/Jonathan for my room...worked okay, not great, better if I sat on the floor. Frontend Shindo electronics...Petrvs, WE 300b, Shindo 301, A23 Hommage SUT, Shindo Silver ICs, and A23 speaker cable...setup by Matt.

If you had emailed either myself (Tone Imports) or Pitch Perfect, you would have received a reply within a reasonable time frame- say within 24 hours on a weekday and 48 hours on a weekend excluding holidays or travel related absences. I can tell you I have never received a email that was not answered.
Please send me an email directly, you will not find answers to your questions on an audio forum.
That's right,
It is the dream speaker for some of us, but your questions can be answered only from someone who has the Latour in his system. So far it seems no one purchase the Latour or even the Shindo 604 (another marvel !) and I think it's a real shame people who can afford these mind & soul saviours, to prefer the usual hi-fi(ish) suspects.
My experience (for about 5 times of 4 hours) with them, is that they need plenty of room to breath their magic & in case of the 604, I think that a DHT SET mated with passive pre it brings the apparent delicacy. Also, I would prefer a lighter-airier source than the Shindo arm/table.
All that said, they are the best ever made speakers that I have the pleasure to audition.
I wish you with all of my heart to put them in your life.