Shindo Auriegies a good impedance match for Primaluna Dialogue Premium amp?

Considering a Shindo Auriegies MM to replace my ARC LS26 and Manley Chinook combo. On paper my Primaluna DP amp is perfect for this pre, with an input impedance of 100k, 20 times the Shindo's 5k output impedance. But just wanted to check to see if anyone can confirm this for me - read in one thread a user who was under the impression that this would be a bad match. Any input helpful, thanks 
Have you considered the top model Prima Luna preamp?  I would think they would be a perfect match and give you more of that glorious Prima Luna tube sound.
The Shindo may have too much gain.
I admit I'm pretty happy with the ARC. But there's an auriegies MM available and the rhapsodies of the shindo cult have swayed me.

So the auriegies is high gain?
I suggest you call the importer, Tone Audio, and discuss.