Shindo Arome - issue with xlr input

Hi. I have this strange thing. I have bought Shindo Arome. It is mc step-up with xlr male input (and rca output). I used two different cables with xlr female plugs and each time when I was plugging in I noticed that when I put the plug just a little little litle and move it a bit (down/up/right/left manual manouvering) I can reach much much stronger output signal (like 2-3 times louder). But when I plug the xlr properly to the end the signal goes down and is much much quieter. As a result I need to increase volume knob on preamp to reach a proper listenig volume.

I have a chain like that:
Denon 103R
phono cable with xlr
Shindo Arome
ic A23 (rca-rca)
Shindo Aurieges (phono mm input)
ic Shindo silver
Shindo Montille (el84, 15watt)
A23 speaker cables
Spendor Sp100 speakers

until now I was using A23 step-up and I was able to reach proper listening levels with Aurieges at "10-11 hrs" and Montille at 75% of power knob. In the moment when I pluged Arome - I needed to put MOntille at 100% and I need to put Aurieges' volume knob at "13-14hrs" to reach the same volume level. I know Arome is less powerfull step-up then A23 - but would it be such a huge diference? And why signal is much strongr with xlr "just touching xlr socket a bit" and it goes down significantly when everything is properly plugged in.
You must have a loose connection in either the cable or the XLR socket

Best of luck