Shimming Interspace arm to adjust azimuth

The headshell on the used Interspace arm (on Horizon tt) I purchased recently is rotated slightly clockwise so that the stylus points inward toward the spindle. I've made sure both platter and armpod are level and verified that the cartridge itself isn't the issue. Since the Interspace arm doesn't appear to have an azimuth adjustment, I'm pretty sure that my only option is to place a shim between one side of the cartridge body and the headshell.

Can anyone recommend something to use for shims? Should I use a thin aluminum washer? Does Home Depot or some other on-line electronics store sell something that would fit nicely around a cartridge screw? My carts are a Shure m97xe and Dynavector 10x5.

Thanks for your help!
Mine had the same problem. I called the company in UK, and was told that the headshell can be rotated. Hold the wand, and don't twist the unipivot. It worked out fine for me. My armwand is the carbon fiber version.
Thanks for the response.

I have the carbon fiber armwand too. My headshell seems to be very firmly attached to the armwand. How much pressure did you need to use to get it to move? Did you try pulling the headshell off first or did you just try to rotate it? Did you use pliers? I'm afraid that if I grab the headshell and twist hard, that something will break.
Never mind. I got the headshell to rotate. Thanks again.