Shiit yggdrasil

I purchased this dac a few months back and I am absolutely blown away by how much I enjoy listening to it. I have owned a Bi-dat, Ayre QB DSD, Resolution Audio, PS Audio and many others as well as in home demo of very expensive Chord, Aesthetics and DCS gear. Nothing has sounded this good in my room in my system( Devore Fidelity, Line Magnetic - other products I absolutely love). Please forgive my lack of detailed description and hyperbole as I know many of us hear and experience reproduced sound differently so you might hate it. This is just a recommendation to try it. I am so glad I did. and wanted to share my experience.
I've read on other forums that the Gustard DAC-X20U ($870.)
outperforms the Yggy.

Anyone here compared them?
A friend owns both and uses the latter solely to play DSD files since the Yggy doesn't. Yggy wins, but if you like buying from relatively unproven Chinese companies(IMHO) like Gustard, it's overall SQ is pretty great for its price. 
FWIW, I always tell friends that gear from companies lacking strong reputations usually result in huge losses when the upgrade bug strikes down the road. "Flavor of the month" always goes sour! YMMV. Cheers,

I’ve read on other forums that the Gustard DAC-X20U ($870.)
outperforms the Yggy.

Anyone here compared them?

Not for reproduction of Redbook CD (PCM) it can’t, as it uses sabre (Delta Sigma based) dacs.

Only Ladder Multibit Dac can reproduce PCM "Bit Perfect". Delta Sigma just gives an approximation, one thing it can do is dsd, if your into that hoax.

Cheers George

If your friend A/Bed with the Gustard with his Yggy had some mods done to the Yggy....then he should redo the test after doing some simple mods to the Gustard.  With 3 simple mods (anyone can soldering) the Gustard jumps another level.  Just two days ago a friend said his not burned in stock Gustard beat his stock Yggy and now he wants to sell the Yggy.  He has yet to do any mods to the Gustard.

Huge Losses?....the Gustard costs practically nothing.  My friend does not want to post about how good the Gustard is for fear that the resale value of the Yggy will go down before he sells it.

George, I wish you were would all be so simple.  However, everything you do to a DAC effects the sound.  What is real is what something sounds like.  3 people (2 posted on line) have said the Gustard beats the R2R Yggy playing 16/44.  I trust what people hear, not some obsessed person on a forum.