Shiit yggdrasil

I purchased this dac a few months back and I am absolutely blown away by how much I enjoy listening to it. I have owned a Bi-dat, Ayre QB DSD, Resolution Audio, PS Audio and many others as well as in home demo of very expensive Chord, Aesthetics and DCS gear. Nothing has sounded this good in my room in my system( Devore Fidelity, Line Magnetic - other products I absolutely love). Please forgive my lack of detailed description and hyperbole as I know many of us hear and experience reproduced sound differently so you might hate it. This is just a recommendation to try it. I am so glad I did. and wanted to share my experience.
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deepee99I have Schiit’s entry-level Bifrost and for the size and array of my system it is perfect. As for build quality, let’s put it this way: You wouldn’t want one thrown at you. You’d be flat on the floor and the DAC would be playing its heart out. My other DAC is the Emotiva, every bit as good and with balanced outs at about the same price.

Should have paid the extra $200 for the ladder Multibit version, then you would have had "Bit Perfect" conversion of Redbook.

Cheers George

The Schiit Yggdrasil is the real deal. Period. No other DAC at this price point can compete. It can compete favourably with any DAC at any price point, depending on how revealing your system is; the yiggy will reveal minute details, dynamics and spectral information that wasn't there before. My Wilsons have not sounded better. 

This is not a $2,000 DAC. It is a $12,000 DAC at 85% off. 
@darknightdk What WIlson speakers are you using? I'm not a Wilson owner but, maybe someday. Has yourself or anyone here compared this Yggy Dac against a Meitner MA-1?
I had compared it to DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC, A Non Oversampling DAC and like it a lot more than the Schiit Yggdrasil which is also excellence