Shielding unshield speakers: Possible?

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to make a nonshielded speaker (Realistic Minimus 12?) shielded? Maybe slap some material around the sides of the cabinet?

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Take the woofers out and wrap copper sheetmetal around the magnet.
You can cover the speakers in mu-metal, a soft metal that shields against magnetic fields. The more completely the speaker is wrapped, the better, since magnetic fields tend to leak around edges. The thickness of your sheet depends on how strong the field is. You can buy mu-metal from vendors who have web sites, just do a web search for mu-metal.
Check Parts Express for"buckng magnets". They get epoxyed against the magetic force. This will make your speakers sheilded. I know Polk sells them also for their older speakers, Monitors and SDAs.
Do a search in the archives on SHIELDED for a previous discusion.

Magneticic fields are not affected by copper or other non-magnetic materials so I'm afraid Rwwear's suggestion won't work.
Copper would not seem to work but it is used by some manufacturers and has been recommended in the past by the Loudspeaker Cookbook.
called cacelation magnet at parts express