Shielding Speakers

Hi, I set up a new system in my office, near the top of a tall building with many antennas. The system is a computer, running to a dac, to a tube integrated, to the speakers. As soon as the amp warms up, I get radio frequencies through my speaker, in that I can hear the radio and this will not go away. The speakers are supposed to be magnetically shielded. Any suggestions on what might be the problem and how to best cure?

p.s. my cheap little computer speakers pick up radio waves when I turn them on. Thanks, SKF
Your getting enough electromagnetic radiation that your lifespan may be shortened?
Aside from that, the problem is not in the speakers. The wiring is picking up stray radiation. It may be cable, from the AC wall, or from the speaker wires. I would bet is is in the integrated amp that the external signal is being added.
Anyway, try shielding the wires. Temporary aluminum foil wrap around the wires.. See if it stops. Try covering the chassis with a wire cage...
Anyway, I hope you shield all the walls... Then you would be safe! (if you have a dropped ceiling, get it shielded up above the ceiling tiles, then ground the full ceiling shield to a ground. That would go a long way to increasing your lifespan. if not possible, at least shield above your desk... (get some decorative METAL design wall designs, and ground them....)
Elizabeth, thanks for the response. I think I'm more worried about my health now than getting the system to work.