Shielded vs Unshielded Stranded vs Solid Core PC's

I've always preferred a sound with extended clear highs and upper mids but a firm bass with overall fullness in the midrange. Overall clarity, with a detailed top, midrange, power in the low end. (real and natural instruments in the room for jazz)

My question is what is the best power cord design to help acheive this? Or is there one? Or is it all about the individual PC designer and application? Are stranded/ unsheilded PC's for amps and integrateds and stranded/ shielded for digital sources the way to go? OR solid core? Does it matter, or can you go either? Or can any of the designs help achieve your sound goals depending on the pc designer's application?
I've heard dozens of variations: stranded/shielded, solid core/shielded, stranded/unshielded. The only variation I have not heard is solid core/unshielded. I'm not even aware of a cord with this design. Perhaps I've owned one and wasn't aware of the design.

There has been no sonic consistency regarding stranded vs. solid core and shielded vs. unshielded.

The worst cords I've heard in my system have been solid core. They are highly regarded, but I thought they sucked.

Unshielded cords generally have a very pure and crystalline quality. I've found them to be "too much of a good thing".

Overall, my favorite power cords (from several manufacturers) have all been stranded and shielded.
The Rules of Thumb that I normally use;

1.Shielded for digital front

2.Unshielded for Power amp?PLC

3.Preamp-depends on the design.
From a technical standpoint, it stands to reason that it would depend primarily on the design of the particular piece of equipment the cord is supplying power to (its sensitivity to electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference on its ac input; its degree of isolation between ac neutral and signal ground, etc.), and also on the purity of your particular incoming ac. So I don't think you can rely on the experiences of others; trial and error is probably the only way to tell.

-- Al
Actually, the wire itself is the part that least affects the sound...the connectors are the real performers.