Shielded power cord best used on Digital/Source or on Tube Amps?

Well I just tried the Furutech DPS-4 power cable with the Furutech Fl-50 Nano connectors. I hate to say this but it is a very, very, good power cable. Detail without brightness and a deep deep soundstage. Powerful full range and great dynamics. Actually the best power cord that I have tried.

I ended up buying 7 meters of the raw DPS-4 cable and decided to try my hand making power cables for my system. I also purchased the Furutech Fl-50 NCF Nano AC/IEC connectors.

I will also be obtaining some Nanotech 308 cable. This cable does not seem to have the extreme shielding that the Furutech does, so my plan is to use the Furutech DPS-4 on my Digital and front end source equipment and the Nanotech 308 with my Amps. Both cables are 11 gauge.

Is that what you guys recommend before I start cutting lengths? The Amp cables need to be 3M & 2M long.


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Ozzy, to me that makes sense, however, the power cords that I had made or I made was with the Furutech cable, well insulated.

I still want to restate that the Furutech Nano-Ag-Au (FP-SO22N and FP-SO32N) sounds very very good. The 14 gauge is excellent for front end components.

I've stated this in several threads here on Audiogon. I'd appreciate it if some of the other members that have tried my suggestion add their comments :-).

Best regards to all...
BTW Ozzy, I assume you already know this but I just want to mention that the 11 gauge Furutech DPS-4  cord will be a challenge to work with. I have no doubt that it will sound very good.
Ozzy, lak turned me onto the Furutech Nano-Ag-Au (FP-SO22N) 14 gauge power cable and it is very special. Best cable I have used in my rig for sure. I like what you said about how the details are presented without brightness. So true of this cable. Very inviting and musical. I think this cable would be best on your sources, digital sources for sure. On sale right now at VH Audio for $19 foot.

Yes use shielded on your digital gear for sure. Connect the shield together with the ground leg at the outlet end only.

I tried the thicker gauge on my sources and heard no difference as an FYI. 
Thanks grannyring for the info on the shield being connected to the ground. I had heard of people using the shield in some way but no specifics. 

I got one FP-SO22N and it is pretty good on my dac and integrated amp but I may open up the outlet end and try connecting the shield to the ground.
t_ramey, if you do connect the shield together with the ground leg at the outlet end please let us know if you hear a difference.
So, I have now made several cords with the Furutech DPS-4 and the Furutech NCF connectors. I connected the outer shield ground to the ground wire as a drain wire connected at the AC plug end only.

Believe it or not the cable was not too hard to terminate.
I used a large copper tubing cutter from a hardware store to cut through to the copper shield/wire initially.  Then I slit the copper shielded wire to make it into a cable /wire to be connected later to the ground wire. Then, wire strippers were used to trim the conductor insulation. On the cut wire ends I applied some Nano gold silver liquid.

Using the Furutech NCF connectors was also easy to work with. They have a groove on the side which meshes with a small rib inside the connector shell.
And it seems that using 11 gauge wire even with the added ground drain wire was not too difficult to insert and snug down. The cable clamp down is the best around.

The Furutech DPS-4 sounds very good on digital and with my tube power amps. But, I don’t have enough to use with all of the equipment, so the Nanotec 308 will make up the difference.

Ozzy, glad to hear the power cord went together as planned.
Please keep track of the break-in time required and let us know.

Right off the cutting block the cable sounds impressive, but like most things that carry current more time is usually helpful. 

I sent you a message but it could benefit those reading here as well. Where did you order the DPS-4? I see Chris at VH Audio has it for $360 a meter. Was hoping it could be sold by the foot.

I just looked at VH Audio and it says $450 a meter.  Maybe its on sale.
Anyway, I'll check.
Yeah, once you add it to your cart the price drops. I just sent Chris a message asking if it can be sold by the foot or at least by the .5 meter. 1.5m would be good.
One can certainly slit the outer shield when trying to make it into a wire. I think the best way to "make a wire out of the shield "is not to slit it, but rather to unweave it so all the strands are intact. Once unwoven and all the strands are free with a combed through appearance, then twist tightly into a nice thicker gauge stranded wire.

The North America distributor of Furutech DPS-4 cable that I bought the cable from is called Elite Distribution. He has it on a reel. If anyone can cut it to length it would be him. Contact Scot 800-457-2577 extension X23


I don't have any experience on DS-4, but I used Alpha3 which is non-shielded PC. I tried several big brands power cords and ended up to make my own PCs and some for my friends.

For front-end devices, I would recommend the Neotech NEP-3003 MK III, ($19/Foot), 14 gauges, latest version being a shielded hybrid cable (Copper-Silver). It outperforms the Furutech FP-Alpha3 in my system. I used it on Einstein Turntable choice phono-pre and my CD player. Neotech NEP-3003 MkIII, has a better frequency balance with higher resolution details, as well as greater sound-stage specially on Depth and excellent delineation of placement of instruments and vocals.

It takes >400 hours to break-in compared to >300 on Furutech PC.
You may check SonicCraft, it has different Neotech MKIII cables on sale.

hope that would help...


Sounds like a lot of work to unravel the shield that is basically a woven basket weave, I think my method suffices and contains the full gauge.

Thanks for that information. The DPS-4 is a relatively new power cable from Furutech. It sounds really good from the first cut (pun intended). Not sure how many hours it needs for full conditioning but my guess would be in the 100-200 hour range.
Additional Nanotec 308 cable is at this point unavailable, something about not being able to get more jacketing until October. I was able to get 7 meters however.
I know the Furutech NCF connectors are expensive but it makes the power cord.

Ozzy, it is pretty easy really once you work at it. It is the way the professionals do it as you keep all the stands in tact for better connection. The weave comes apart readily in my experience. 

Worth a try next time Ozzy.  

Ok I have one more to create next week so I'll give it a try.
I just hope the unweaving process  doesn't cause me to swear too much. My dog is sensitive...

In a semi related question I just purchased a Mark Levinson 532h amp and I have a ShunyataVenom3 12 gauge power cord, should I use the Venom cord or the stock Levinson 14 gauge,  which is the better and more quiet cord? 


I would guess the Venom would be better than the stock power cord. But, give them both a trial period.


The  DPS-4 power cord is heavy and some what stiff. Although I find it easy to use on my amp and/or power conditioner that sits ground level I would be hesitant to use it on front end equipment that sits higher up in my audio rack and/or with light weight equipment. How are you stabilizing the  DPS-4 power cords?

How does the DPS-4 compare to the FP-S022N in your opinion? Have you used both on the same component? I was able to ground the shield to the outlet end plug yesterday on the S022N and call me crazy but I do think it's better that way.

 I find I like it much more than the FP-S55N I've tried in the past but still not sure I prefer it over any of the CT blue/red/yellow cables as I really like what they do for my system.

I have no problem routing the DPS-4 cable and all of my source equipment is sitting on Stillpoints ultra SS. Minimum cable length should be 1.5M unless you have a straight shot then perhaps a 1M may work.

In case others have problems with IEC’s coming out of the equipment here is a little trick.
Put some teflon tape around the outside of the IEC before you slide it into your equipment. It will tighten up the connection and may provide some sonic dampening as well.


Over the past year, I have purchased The Furutech FP-SO22N ( Blue 14 gauge), FP-TCS21 (Green 14 gauge), FP-SO32N (Blue12 gauge), FP-S55N (Blue 10 gauge) and the DPS-4 (11-gauge) from Mike Kay of Audio Archon:

I found the Blue to be more dynamic and the Green to be a warmer and more laid back.
On front end components I prefer the FP-SO22N (Blue 14 gauge).
My DPS-4 is still in the burn in the stage, for a change I decided not to burn it in on my Audiodharma Cable Cooker. I have the DPS-4 currently on my Plinius SA Reference Amp, as Ozzy stated it sounded good directly out of the box.

I'll report back later after burn in is complete and I have an opportunity to do some comparisons with the DPS-4.

There is NO Way that I could unweave the braided ground cover. I tried, but it is such a tight weave and has no ends to start with. Maybe with other cables its possible but not with these.


The DPS-4  cables are extremely flexible. Nothing remotely similar to the Synergistic, Purist, Virtual Dynamics, and the many others from my past that were so unworkable.

Yes, I realize that the DPS-4 is flexible. What I should have said is the  Furutech FP-SO22N ( Blue 14 gauge) is more flexible and of course lighter in weight. I'd always prefer the DPS-4 on my larger amp or power conditioner. On front end equipment based upon diminishing returns, I think the  Furutech FP-SO22N ( Blue 14 gauge) is the way to go. Just my opinion and of course nothing wrong with using the DPS-4 on all components. I'm still in the process of testing...

I see your point. However, I bought enough of the DPS-4 to power all of my source equipment including my Oppo 205.


Shielded power cables should really only be used if you are running power close or on top of other cables that are very sensitive electrical interference. I don't run any power cables with shielding on them.

Thank you for your opinion.
I think each cable needs to be judged by its own design and if it enhances the components signature sound.

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Hi guys,
Have anyone compared FP-SO22N and FP-SO32N to Neotech 3001/3002 MK III cables?
I would love to know the differences.
@lak  Thanks for all your input here.  I just ordered some Furutech FP-SO22N cable and some Furutech FI-28M(R)/FI-28(R) rhodium plated copper connectors to build a cable for my DAC’s linear power supply, based largely on your recommendation and my experience with another manufacturer’s nano treated cable products.

I really like Nanotec products, but they don’t make shielded power cables.  When I moved my Nanotec #308 Power cable from my DAC’s LPS to my receiver and replaced it with a shielded cable of lesser quality I liked some of the changes with digital playback, but a large amount of the magic went with the #308. There is a lot of wire - both analogue and digital - behind my equipment, and shielding digital power cables seems to make some sense for my application.

Given the wire formula is similar between the Nanotec #308 and the Furutech SOXXN series wires, and given your description of FP-SO22N performance matches my experience with the Nanotec power cable, I thought I would take a swing at the shielded Furutech wire.  I will report back on my findings.

A final note, I am also a huge fan of Furutech connectors.  They are like audio jewelry, very well built, and seem to function and sound at least as good as advertised.  I notice that their mid and high range connectors are routinely used on pre-made cables costing $1,500 and up.  The cost of the wire and connectors for my DIY shielded cable is about $300.
@knownothing, although grannyring reported very good results with the Furutech wire he is now making a power cord that he said outperforms the Furutech wire. I personally have not tried it and I don't see an ad from him for the power cord on Audiogon but if you were interested you could always send him a personal message. I'm just trying to keep the thread current since you posted to it.
Yes indeed the new Duelund 12 gauge Polycast 600V wire with Connex carbon fiber barrel and rhodium plated over pure copper conductors is better sounding after burn in. Cost is $165 shipped for the parts.   


Thanks for the updates.  After two weeks the shielded Furutech FP-SO022N cable is sounding pretty great on the linear power supply for my DAC.  Strengths are midrange tone, dynamics, elaborate and convincing soundstage, and very clear and tuneful bass. Surprising also is the improvement in timing, more toe taping pace and rhythm.

Now I am looking for a power cord for a tube phono preamp power supply.  What are your current recommendations for that?
@knownothing, I'm glad to hear that you like the Furutech FP-SO022N cable. That cable works very well on all front-end equipment, therefore, you could go with a second one as it will work very well.
However, it was me I would suggest you go with grannyring's suggestion of the Duelund 12 gauge Polycast 600V wire with Connex carbon fiber barrel and rhodium plated over pure copper conductors. You could use this power cord in either of the two locations (or any location) and you might find that you like the sound of the Duelund 12 gauge Polycast 600V wire better than the Furutech FP-SO022N. 
Thanks lak.  I will look into grannyring’s recipe for the Duelund power cord.