Shielded cable between pre and SET amp

I have been using Duelund ICs for a few years and I love them but with my new SET amp, there’s a hum if I don’t use a shielded cable. Any suggestions for a good Duelund-sounding shielded cable?


Problem not solved!

The external SUT sounds so much better than the internal one that I'm just going to have to get some longer cables. 

I don't think it is a proximity issue with the external SUT, when I have used external SUT in the past I have always needed a shielded cable from the SUT to the phono stage or phono input on a preamp to avoid any hum.

What's a SUT?

I run a 45 SET with ICs that happened to be shielded, and I'm the process of building unshielded IC...hopefully I'm not heading into trouble.