Shielded, Airy, and Cheap IC's: Do they Exist?

Looking for interconnects that are...

1. Shielded
2. "Airy"
3. Affordable (~$200)

Among affordable analog interconnects, I've had a preference for unshielded cables, because in my (admittedly limited) experience, they tend to have more "air." That's not an audiophile term I particularly like, but it's hard to describe otherwise. "Open" is another term that gets used similarly.

I've owned interconnects that were both affordable and airy (e.g. Morrow, Kimber, Anticables), but they were all UNSHIELDED. I've owned interconnects that were both shielded and airy (e.g. Synergistic Research Precision Reference), but they were EXPENSIVE.

What I've never found are interconnects that are shielded, airy, and affordable. Do you know any?


P.S. They must be single-ended/unbalanced.