Sherwood HP5500 tuner - any one familiar with it

I used to collect tuners. (Magnum Dynalabs, Musical Fidelity, Sansui TU-X1 and TU-717 etc.etc.) I ditched all my tuners as there is little on the radio to listen to anymore.

I pulled out a never listened to Sherwood HP5500 tuner from storage that I purchased on Craigslist out of curiosity. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with it?

Current System:
Custom HTPC PC. Musical Fidelity X-DAC v 8. PS Audio 5.6 Pre, Forte Model 55 Amp. ERA Design 4 speakers and ERA Sub.
not that particular model but in the day, sherwood made pretty good equipment. I listened to several sherwood recievers and a couple of tuners. (s8000 i think). In the 70's they were considered pretty good similar to HarmonKardon, etc. There were some reliability issues with some of their equipment as a friend of mine had his reciever in the shop several times. I had a sansui at the time and i would put the sherwood ahead of the sansui. Not sure if this helps you but my limited experience with the brand
Sherwood tried to move upmarket with a "High Performance" line. Unfortunately Hewlett-Packard considered it a trademark infringement when they used the HP prefix. Sherwood had to re-badge that gear. I don't know that piece, but it was probably top of their line that year!