Sherwood 7100 with a pair of Advent 5002's

I've been looking to get a starter kit to enter the audiophile world for quite some time but my budget is simply not where I would like it to be. I did come across what I think seems like quite a fair deal though. It would be a Sherwood 7100A with a pair of Advent 5002 that are in amazing shape. They don't need to be refoamed and the receiver pots were cleaned and the wood chassis is in near perfect condition. Only asking $145 for everything. Am I a fool to let this pass by? I had wanted a Sansui 771 for sentimental reasons since my dad had one and really would love a Fisher 500c but tend to feel that this could get me up and running for now. Opinions would be GREATLY appreciated.
40 years ago, I was pining for the Sherwood 7100 (as well as for a gal named Jolie in the 8th grade). I heard it with a pair of Dynaco A25s and it was fantastic sounding. I never got the Sherwood or Jolie for that matter (went with Pioneer and EPI instead), but $145 is a good deal if everything is in good shape. Get a Music Hall turntable and/or an Emotiva CD player and you are off to the races.


Go for it, I owned the Sherwood 7100 about 40 years ago and I loved the system. Brings back great memories.