Shengya CD players

Is the " red burning glass hole " a sales gimmick? Anyone own one of these?
Those are the tubes that are used in the cd player. While there are other players such as the Joida JD100, and the AH! that use tubes, one cant see them until the cover is taken off. People that are into tube gear ( myself included) like to see the glow of a tube.

Hope that I answered your question ?
This player looks a heck of a lot like the Shanling / Music Hall CD-25 (non-tube.) Same maker? Related company? Clone?
on a serious note i am thinking about buying 1 for my 10 yr old son but i do want to make sure the thing wont catch fire with all that burning glass all over the place.
I bounced over to their website, I think it should link directly to

A wee bit of humor in an otherwise uninteresting day