Shelves & Stand for heavy SS Amps.

Which the Better for the Heavy SS Amps 180 pounds.

1) Symposium Ultra Shelve with Sound Anchor Model A Stand.
2) Symposium Ultra Shelve with Aurios Pro between
Floor (carpet) and Symposium Ultra Shelve.

Thanks for All.
The Billy Bags 2020 (20" x 20") will hold anything, comes with great cones, and is (or used to be) available on
Audio Advisor at a discount.
I used Sound Anchor stands for my BAT VK500. It was built like a tank and reasonably priced. They will build one to your exact specs too.
I just put my 150 lb SS amps on Sistrum SP101 platforms. I am very pleased with the results, which is interesting because I always found amps to be most reticent to many tweaks. The noise floor dropped with increasing clarity, depth, and weight to the instruments.

I have a sound anchor under my bat vk75se. I love the symposium products- I use 2 ultra shelves, 1 svelte shelf, several fat padz and the smaller footers from them. I have owner roller blocks in the past.

My amp sounds best using the sound anchor stand alone.

Your milage will definately vary...but I'd try the sound anchor stand alone first.

Good luck.
Check out the last two issues of HiFi+. Roy Gregory has been dealing with this very issue, and reviews two or three Symposium products along with several other products which I prefer.

The new Stillpoints stand is really good and so is the the Sistrum, which I own. I have tried both the Stillpoints and the Sistrum and found them both to work very well, but sound differently. The Stillpoints rack was too small for my Sota Cosmos TT, so I ended up with the Sistrum and am very happy with it.
Thanks for All.

Any experience used Sound Anchor Model A Amps with Symposium Ultra pltform?

Mehdi, sorry I haven't even seen any sound anchor stuff in years, and have never used it with Symposium shelves. IWICBMH