Shelter repair

My 90X has dropped the guard (made from paper?) that protects the motor assembly. Has anyone had this problem? Should I attempt to "glue" it back myself or should I pay someone else? I don't like the idea of using the cart. in this condition with the works exposed to all kinds of crud. Any suggestions out there?
There are plenty of nude cartridges out there, including some of the world's best. People even "nudify" cartridges themselves and report improved sound. I'd listen before doing anything. You might like it better (or not).

If you decide to re-shield it, I'd be wary of a self-repair unless you're confident about what you're doing. Glue seeping into the suspension would probably not be an improvement! (Not that I've tried it, I'm just guessing.)

Shelter and their distributor weren't very responsive when I needed help. You might have better luck with one of the independents that retip/rebuild. They might install a dust shield for a fairly nominal fee.