Shelter and Linn.Ekos?

I haven't seen this covered before, nor are there any hits on the search engine, so here goes: does anyone have experience with how well Shelter cartridges match with the LP12/Ekos? I'm thinking of upgrading from my Adikt, and have liked the mid to upper end Benz cartridges I've heard-- I prefer that kind of smooth and somewhat rich sound compared to the highly defined, somewhat lean and punchy sound of the typical Linn or Lyra moving coil cartridges-- but wondered if anyone had made a comparison, say to the Benz M2? Thanks!
The Shelter cartridges should work fine with the Ekos. The Linn arm designs came from back when the Linn cartridges were about the same compliance as the new Shelter and Koetsu are now. They should work well together.
-Aye, Twl, as usual, beat me to the answer. :-)