Shelter 90x / ZYX Airy Question

I was wondering if you guys who are familiar with these two cartridges could answer a question regarding the character of the two. First, a little background. I have heard a 90x in a friends system which is very different from mine. With the 90x, his system has a very direct and immediate sound that my Benz just can’t muster. My question is this: Is this immediate characteristic of the Shelter shared by ZYX cartridges? Thanks in advance.


Scott Brown
Dear Scott: I own the 90X and I test the ZYX in my audio system: no ZYX its not " immediate " like the 90X. I own Ruby 2 and LP and I know what you mean.
BTW, if you are around a high quality music reproduction cartridge my advise is to go for the Dynavector XV-1.
Regards and enjoy the music.