Shelter 90x, Michell Gyro SE and ?


My system consist of : Michell Gyro SE, Shelter 90x and Michell Tecnoarm.
I'm looking to upgrade the tonearm. I want a tonearm that will have great synergy with the Shelter.
I was thinking the Triplanar VII, but I read good and bad comments about mating it with the Shelter.
The other tonearms I had in mind are the SME V, Moerch DP6 and Graham Phantom.

I need help to pick up the right arm.

Thank you,

I'd first try to get a clue about the different characteristics of the various tonearm types, unipovot, static balance, dynamic balance.

Morch and Graham are unipivots, Triplanar has a conventional articulation and a hell of adjustments, SME IV and V have easy and effective regulations and are dynamycally balanced. The Technoarm is dynamically balanced too.

Also check the overall weight you can put on the springs of the gyro: maybe some arms could be just too heavy to obtain a proper balance.

Secondly if you have no idea of what sort of improvement you are looking for, any specific suggestion will not be of much use.

The technoarm is a fine upgrade of an already nice Rega, i fear the improvements will end up to be minor unless the whole chain is really top.

BTW... is the electrical and mechanical interface of the cart done properly? Ie: correct gain, loading impedance, vta, vtf, resonance, allignment...
There maybe lots of surprises in improving those adjustable parameters.

Phantom's out--too heavy for the springs. Michell will make an acrylic armboard for it instead of the typical aluminum but the combined weight of arm plus board, if memory serves, cannot exceed 1 kg and the Phantom alone weights that.

For years I used a Graham 2.2 with a Shelter 901 on an Orbe SE and liked it a lot, so I think it'd work well on a Gyro, too.