Shelter 90X?

Anyone with specific, first hand experience with this (not the 901) cartridge?
Are you sure it is Shelter 90X?

The 90X is a new model above the 901. Somewhere around $2700 I think. Here's an ad (which hasn't changed in months):

I haven't heard one I'm afraid.
Hi Doug,
Yeah, I saw the new Shelter on AudioRevelation after I sent out the first note. Curious also how is 90X different from 901.
I guy I know is supposed to going to Japan and picking up one while he is there in a week or so. After his settles in, I will pester him for an audition and posts my impressions. The cartridge has actually been out for awhile.

I saw it listed on the AR site, too. My only surprise was that the banner didn't read that it stomped, romped, or tromped every cartridge they don't sell.
Oh, but it does. Of course it does. Doesn't it?