Shelter 901: Optimal Impedance


I'm a neophyte with MC cartridges. I've recently acquired a Shelter 901 MC cartridge and I'm a little confused about the correct impedance to use. The manual says 100 ohms, but states that user reports suggested 470 ohms. Perhaps this is a typo and they mean 47K ohms?
Might someone be able to advise me.


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Sarcher is right, it's system dependent.

I would just try all the available settings. I found that for my cart, the midrange popped into focus at a certain setting, and it was quite a bit higher than the value everyone else was using.

If you have to supply your own resistors, I'd try maybe 3 resistor values, like 1000, 500, 100 Ohms.

MC carts *shouldn't* be sensitive to capacitance, but you might want to try different capacitive loading anyway, or tonearm cables with lower capacitance.