Shelter 501mkii Cantilever Angle - Need Help

I purchased a Shelter 501mkii recently, and note that there isn't much clearence b/t the cartridge body and the record. I'd say 2mm or so. I'm wondering if this is normal. I think it would be difficult to track warped records with so little clearence, and am wondering if mine is allright. Shelter owners, if you don't mind, please take a look and tell me what kind of clearance yours has. Thanks, Peter S.
If you mean there's 2mm between the record and the bottom corner of the dust shield, that's plenty. I have a 901 and am currently breaking in a friend's 901 while he's on holiday. Neither one has any more clearance than that, probably less.

If you really meant 2mm from record to cartridge body then something's seriously wrong.
Thanks Doug. I mean 2 mm between the small gray plastic piece that the cantilever actually comes out of. This piece sits below the black cartridge body. I assume that this is the dust shield?
Yes, it's just a piece of fabric glued around the motors. Sounds to me like you're okay.

It's fine...mine is also roughly 2mm as well.