Shelter 501mk2 on a vpi superscout w/ jwm9 sig arm

Hi everyone just wondering what do you think of using a shelter 501mk2 on a superscout with the jwm9 signature arm that uses valhalla wire,and the mech anti skate,the signature arm also has improved damping over the standard jwm9,and what would be the best vta on this cartridge.

thanks Mike.
I have been living with that exact setup. It's a wonderful match. I have not really fussed much with VTA except to raise or lower it just a touch below dead level, to account for the differences in 200g vinyl and standard LP's.
You don't sound rediculous to me-you sound right onn the mark.While calling Red Trumpet (when I brought it up as an aside while buying some software but mentioned that I had extended Aries 12.5 and was thinkinbg of stepping down to smaller,cheaper Scoutmaster primarily beacuse of size and more impoirtantly cheaper extra arm tubes)was told me this was THE set up they'd most reccomend to avergage customer looking for high grade tabvle wqith bang for buck and this was before new arms came out.Folks will "read your eyes out about shorter verus longer arms and both have thier merits but 9" VPI is EXCELLENT especially when you look at cost.Like Fremmer said Shelter is supposed to have "house sound" more than other so if you moved up you'd get more of same.Not sure if it's worth it though.My guess is the Shelters have the sound and also match VPI nicely in terms of compliance.Throw and SDS under it anbd get the Gingko Cloud 11.My guess is havijng the VTA knob unless you are really anal abouit the whole thing it won't be changed unless you went from a 70's cheapy like an OJC jazz LP to a Classic Records 200gm SVX disc.Though Hary Wise might not have wanted one (thouht it was needed) anti-skate and upgraded wire are more important.Grab a VPI 16.5 cleaning machine and use the expensive but TOTALLY worth it LAST preservative (makes lp's that have sundreds of spoins sound less than half a dozen and these are words from Mike head tech at VPI who has no finacial interest in reccomending product) and you are totally in buisness.I am going to replace my Grado Sonata (I get them at cost so Shelter reccomrendation for MYSELF ios high praise-will probaly get only small discount) get the 501 or MAYBE a 901 and then get out for a Grado MONO on second arm tube.Maybe a third for trash LP" or 78's who knows.That's why I think 9" arms are a reat deal in Scout through Blackknight line.You are geting a DIFERENT sound from 10 or 12 memorials but extra arm tube are $400 not $1200 as in 12.5/.6.Big difference.And you might want a second cart for certain applications or just like Sumiko's Blackbird (great at it's price) toa $2K Helikon or maybe a Dynavector.Just because I have sold equipment does not mean that I don't miss it or wouldn't use it for certain recordings.You are lucky to buying now-look at me if I kept my Aries I'd have to shell out $1K to get it todays Aries 2 standards.But Get the set up you mentioned and add SDS you'll LOVE IT.
Thanks Chazzbo, the super scout comes with the SDS ,and comes with the perihial ring and the heavy center weight, i will see what improvement I get over my scoutmaster and sumiko blackbird, This combo sounds very good, But my stepbrother wants my old table so It's upgradeitis again.

I have almost this combination (501, Scoutmaster + JMW/9 sig + Gingko) and am very happy with it. I'd agree with people who say you can't go wrong, it's a real set and forget combination. The low-compliance of the 501 seems to be dealt with quite well by the new arm, with its extra weight.
I just bought Scout Master with JMW9 sig arm. I asked my friend to put the 501 mk2 on. He said the 501 is a little too light and need lighter counter weight. Any suggestion?
Hi Kasidit,
I'm now uses 501 mk2 with JMW9 sig arm with no problem at all. For peace in mind, I also bought VPI headshell weight too, but never set it up with 501.
Nice sound combo in my system for now. By the way headshell weight may add body to the sound, I guess.
I believe the counterweight on the Sig arm is lighter than the one on the standard JMW 9. Works fine with the Shelter for me without the headshell weight. I also have all the upgrades including the flywheel combo. Totally satisfied and every upgrade made an impact. I guess I have a SuperScoutmasterLite now.