SHELTER - 501II CARTRIDGE on Technics 1200 Table

I have been reading very good reviews and comments regarding the Shelter 501 II cartridge.

My question is whether this cartridge would be compatible with a Technics 1200 turntable through a Jolida JD 9A phone preamp?

This, in turn, goes to a W4S preamp/amp and then Maggie 3.6 speakers.
I had the 1200 with Shelter up and running with good ancillary gear, however, my ancillary gear is not your ancillary gear. I did NOT like the 1200 with Shelter. I never figured out if I did not like the 1200 or the Shelter, but I suspect it's the TT. I went back to a Rega TT, which is more musical to my ears. The 1200, while spot-on from a speed perspective, just never sounded juicy to me. It sounded a bit dry, cold and sterile, like CDs do.
Good afternoon: I run one on mine and like it. This is after going thru a Grado Ref Platinum, Sumiko Blue Point and one other I dont recall. It replaced the Grado. It plays through a Krell KPE Reference preamp. Only mod Ive done on the turntable is the cartridge leads are SME.
I am very happy with it.
Good luck, John
Shelter and SL 1200 aren't good match. Shelter needs a heavier arm.
IMO, the Denon 103 carts mate well with the Technics arms.
I went through 3 cartridges prior to settling on the Shelter on my SL1210. A Sumiko Blue Point Special, Grado Ref Platinum and one other I dont recall. The Grado was played through a Grado phono amp. I now use a Krell KPE reference phono amp with the Shelter & really like it. I did no tonearm mass calcs on any of them. I hadn't even heard of it at the time. Maybe I went from horrid to barely working mass matching? LOL.
Thought I'd toss this out there after seeing the negatives above. Good luck, John
Sidsip, regarding your post "Shelter and SL 1200 aren't good match. Shelter needs a heavier arm."

Could you please explain why the Shelter needs a heavier arm? I do not really understand table/arm/cartridge matching and would appreciate learning more about it.

Is the problem going to be that it will not track well - that it will "skip"?
Dsper, I assume Sidsip is referring to the resonance frequency of the combined Shelter/SL-1200 arm. It's a complicated subject, probably beyond the patience of anyone to explain comprehensively in a single forum post. In any case, it would be good to educate yourself on the topic. Just Google "cartridge tonearm matching," and you will find a wealth of information, including the following:
So....having read some more about this topic (thank you for the direction, Hesson11!), I know that light weight tone arms work better with high compliance cartridges. I also think I can explain why - whoppee!

The mathematical formulas that would tell you that your tone arm and cartridge selection are compatible (at least mathematically) refer to a sweet spot.

Based on who is writing the guidance, they refer to managing the resonance within the 10 to 14 HZ range, others talk about 9 to 11 HZ being best, etc.

What surprises me is that other posts identify the Denon 103 and the Audio Technica 150MKII as sounding very good with a Technics stock arm. Yet, unless I calculated something wrong, those two cartridges seem to not fall within the resonance sweet spot. I have run a Denon 103R and did not seem to have problems with it.

Do what is this all about?

Is there where fluid dampers and two inch solid wood bases start to play into the discussion?
According to mathematical formulas, bumblebees can't fly. The Technics arm is not exactly the last word in precision engineering, so I think the better path is to find out what cartridges people have been using in that arm to good effect, rather than trying to slide-rule the thing out. I mean, it may be interesting for you to go through this, so have at it. I've spoken with people who build speakers, amplifiers and musical instruments and they all seem to agree on one thing - formulas can get you in the ballpark, but the only way to really know what the thing sounds like is to build it and see. Just ask Stradivari.