Shelter 501 MkII or Grado Sonata?

Have been a long time Grado Sonata user on Oracle Delphi Mk 5 with Morch UP-4 arm. I am considering the Shelter 501 Mk II. Anyone have any experience with these two cartridges. I assume the Shelter will track better, but have a hard time believing it will do female voices as well as the Grado. Thanks for your time.
keep the grado.
I had originally purchased a Grado Platinum, high output version which Grado lists on their website on the same product line. I dont know if yours is the high or low output as Grados descriptions are vague at best. I ended up with the Shelter and do indeed like it better. The bass is much more defined to my ears & the trebble is better as well. I do seem to like a brighter sound and that is what I got with the Shelter. Perhaps this will help in your question.
Regards, John