Shelter 501 mkii -- ear 834p MC or (ear 834p MM + SUT)?

I just bought a Shelter 501 Mkii. I own an EAR 834p with MM only so I need more gain. What might be the sonic differences between using  SUT with my 834pMM, and changing my 834p MM for an 834p with MC? 

I don't know anything about loading options, etc. Any concerns with impedance matching between the EAR and Shelter? If SUT is the best way to go, would a Denon HA-500 be a good one? Is there better for up to $400 used? I have a Sota Star Sapphire w/ Jelco SA-750e arm, and a Thor TA-1000 preamp. If relevant, I listen to 50% jazz/blues, 30% soft rock, and 20% classical.

Thanks for thoughts!
The 845p with MC uses transformers. I’d be inclined to go with that. It will save you expensive cables and additional connections plus the risk of hum.

Or you could add an active gain stage aka head-amp, aka pre-pre amp like the ZYX CCP-1.