Shelter 501 mkii -- ear 834p MC or (ear 834p MM + SUT)?

I just bought a Shelter 501 Mkii. I own an EAR 834p with MM only so I need more gain. What might be the sonic differences between using  SUT with my 834pMM, and changing my 834p MM for an 834p with MC? 

I don't know anything about loading options, etc. Any concerns with impedance matching between the EAR and Shelter? If SUT is the best way to go, would a Denon HA-500 be a good one? Is there better for up to $400 used? I have a Sota Star Sapphire w/ Jelco SA-750e arm, and a Thor TA-1000 preamp. If relevant, I listen to 50% jazz/blues, 30% soft rock, and 20% classical.

Thanks for thoughts!

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Or you could add an active gain stage aka head-amp, aka pre-pre amp like the ZYX CCP-1.