Shelter 501 MkII ?

I'm in the market for a $400-$800 cartridge. This is my first vinyl rig so I haven't much exposure to cartridge sounds. I like my sound SWEET and liquid with extension on both extremes however "analytical" kind of makes me cringe. Does anyone own a Shelter 501 or any other MC cartridge with a 0.4mv output or greater to recommend?

Hi Rob,

The Shelter is far and away the best cartridge in it's price range that I have heard. Warm, sweet, and resolving without being at all anylitical. I have had customers replace up to $3000.00 cartridges with this $800.00 wonder.

i have the shelter. the sound is rich and delicate. i have heard vdh frog a highend helicon and highend benz (all multi thousand dollar carts). they were all on different systems and not a true a-b. i liked the benz (it was also on a 100k system). if found the frog and helicon good...but i liked the shelter better.

for the money the shelter is hands down a better deal. i would spend the 600$ (what i paid in japan for it) on the shelter. IMO nothing in its price range can beat it. i liked it so much that i bought a new tt and phono section to enjoy it more.

good luck jim
I have a Benz LO .4 that I enjoy very much. Very quiet, smooth. Might be able to find one in your price range as they are a recently-discontinued model. Haven't heard the Shelter to compare, though.