Shelter 501 mk 2/ ZYX R100H

Before I spend a lot of money on the Shelter 501 mk2 (850usd)i like to know if the ZYX R 100H (the black one) is a better Pickup it´s a littel more expensive (890usd).

I have a Shelter 501 mk 2, I like it a lot, very dynamic, fast, great extension both with bass and highs without sounding bright or fatiguing. I would also like to hear others comments however. On some classical music I prefered the Koetsu black to the shelter but overall liked the Shelter for all types of music. It would be nice to have a combination Koetsu and shelter in one cart.
I posted a thread recently asking for a cartridge recommendation. I have been looking at the Shelter 501 and Dynavector. One response highly recommended the Zyx R-100 over the Shelter. I haven't made up my mind yet but it has got me thinking about it some more.
I have the 501-II, a Rosewood and a Kontra B, and drum roll, I like them all but lust for what the B gives me, but can't live with the lightweight midbass and bass, the B is tight tight tight, detailed, non-fatigued, --- but I have big Manely/VTL toobs and Maggies which accentuate the afore mention issues and hence make them worse. I have recently heard the Jubilee and it takes the cake. If you like the Shelter for the dynamics and ease, and Koetsu for the mids, then you gotta hear the Jubilee to hear what you missing in those two. It's not as lush as the Rosewood but-- not missing by much and brings so much more to the table. Mixes the Koestu and Shelter and breathes air and light into them, and doens't mess with what they do right.


Sorry to add confustion but ------
I was wondering which cartridge you ended up getting...or if you've gotten one yet....


Well! I ended with the Shelter 501 Mk2 after long concern, can´t wait to hear it! Havent got the tunetable at home at the monent the dealer is setting it up.
Happy new year! to all.

When you get a chance to break your cartridge in, do report back and let us know how it sounds. What cartridge did you own previously? I look forward to your assessment.


At the moment I can´t play because the phono amp i want is not in stock before febuary.

I found the Shelter 501 mk2 to be overall the best cartridge I have owned, being organic, dynamic, detailed, very open and clear without ever sounding harsh or fatiguing. Haven't heard the ZYX so I can't compare.
Daemon how did that 501 work out?

I got the Helius Omega Mk 2 arm home the finish was not that good so I complaint and to send it back to Helius, but I had to wait for spare parts one month, Helius gave me a very good service and upgraded the arm to a newer version for free, in the mean time I fund an offer I cut hot say no to, a Graham phantom BB 44 new on this side for 3100$ so I bought it, had to sell my Voyd Refence, and the Helius arm to, the Graham arm don´t fit on it. The Voyd I sold, but the arm got Scram from me On E-bay, had to contact the Italian police. Now I am waiting for a refund from the Danish's postoffice it take one month to get the refund, then I have to order the Raven one and wait at least one month more. My Shelter 501 MK 2 is good but have not play the 100 to 200 hours yet.