Shelter 501 II Tracking Force

vpi scout with jmw 9 owners, what tracking force are you putting on the 501 ?

thanks for inputs
Dear Mid,
Do you have the standard JMW9 or the Signature JMW9? The reason I ask is that the standard JMW arm can be a bit light and on the edge for compliance compatibility with the 501 II. We generally recommend to our customers considering purchasing the VPI 3gm head shell weight for the standard JMW9 arm followed by adjusting the tracking force to 1.8 gm for top performance.

The extra 2 grams tone arm mass the JMW9 Signature offers matches the Shelter better and no extra tone arm weight is required (we still recommend 1.8g tracking force here as well).

Hope this helps
thanks, i have the regular jmw 9.

i dont have the vpi 3g, i guess that can be purchased.

thanks for the reco.

in the meantime i dont have the 3g, do you still recommend putting it at 3g ?
You are on the edge, if you track at 1.8 gram and all is well, hang loose. If you notice big woofer movement on warped LP's, you may want to consider the 3 gram weight. We have it available.

i actually have it right now at 1,7, seems ok. sounds a bit lightweight though.

i should consider the 3g weight.

thanks again
in the meantime i dont have the 3g, do you still recommend putting it at 3g ?
He didn't recommend setting VTF at 3g. He recommended setting VTF at 1.8g whether you have the 3g headshell weight or not.

IME 1.8g is a good starting place for a Shelter, but fine tuning by ear is necessary, as with any cartridge.

P.S. Shelters are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. You'll need less VTF in hot/damp weather, more VTF in cold/dry weather.
thanks for the inputs!!