Shelter 5000/7000/9000?

Does anyone here own one of these newer Shelter cartridges? There doesn't seem to be much info/reviews available. I am in the market and am considering the Dyna XX-2 Mk. II and the Ortofon Jubilee, but the Shelter 7000 is in the same price range. Since the Shelter 501 and 901 seem well-liked, my interest is in the newly released Shelter models. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
There is a review of the new Shelter 5000/7000 in the current issue of The Absolute Sound with a comparison to the earlier models.
I have the 901 and the 9000. Both are great Cartrides. However, the higher the "food chain" the more dimensional, smoother and transparent the sound gets. The 9000 was nirvana until I just bought the Air tight. I do not feel that anything is lacking in either Shelter cartridge. If you did not compare them, then you would be very happy. The 9000 held its own extremely well as compared to the Air tight. The air tight was definitely better but more money. Richard
This thread seems sorely underpopulated considering its 4 years old and that the topic still does not have clear answers on the web.
Is there's not much enthusiasm for the newer Shelters?
Except for the Absolute Sound review on issue 180 (which, BTW, cannot be accessed) there's not anything new!
Any A'goner's with view points on the Shelter 7000??? Is it as good as the 901 Mark II? Is it similar? Is it good value (used) at under a grand? or are there better cartridges at this price point in 2012?
I wondered about why the new line of Shelters is seldom mentioned as well.. Marketing?

I have a 5000 and like it a lot. But my opinion is given within the constraints of what I have owned since I haven't actually owned any of the "big boys". I have heard the top of the line cartridges frequently enough, but never in my system.

Things that stand out with the 5000 are much better than average dynamics, very nicely controlled bass, very good balance between a full bodied sound and analytic detail. Timbre is quite good so that distinguishing similar sounding instruments in an orchestral context is by no means a chore. Sometimes the woodwind section is not as easy to pick apart as I would like, but that could easily be due to other components in my chain.

Other cartridges that I have used - Koetsu Rosewood, Benz M2, Tranfiguration Spirit, Blue Oasis, Sigma Genesis 2000, various Denon models, ...

I will be trying a Delos soon. That may be a good arbiter of how the 5000 stacks up.

Arms that I have used range from a dynamically damped JVC ql-y7 built in arm, to a Triplanar VI. My phono preamp is an Audio Innovations P2 which has been tricked out a bit, together with a with a Denon au-340 SUT. Obviously not the finest stuff, but still pretty good in performance terms.