Shelby Lynne

I have the new Shelby Lynne cover disc of songs recorded by Dusty Springfield. I think it is my favorite disc of the past 6 months at least. Others hear this?

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The Jayhawks are IMHO the most under-appreciated band around. They've created a true evolving body of work with many great albums over a long period of time.
Check out Hollywood Town Hall as a start.

And yes, Lost Highway has plenty of great bands on board. Cheers,

Raks, I have Rainy Day Music on vinyl. It's good, but not even close to Hollywood Town Hall or Tomorrow The Green Grass. Cheers,
Yes, Gary & Mark's tour a couple of years ago was one of the best shows I can remember. Saw them after a snowstorm at World Cafe Live in Philly. They were most appreciative of fans' efforts to get to the show and rewarded us with great enthusiasm and multiple encores. Cheers,