Shelby Lynne

I have the new Shelby Lynne cover disc of songs recorded by Dusty Springfield. I think it is my favorite disc of the past 6 months at least. Others hear this?

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To put it kindly, I never much cared for Dusty Springfield, but being a sucker for good lookin blondes, when I saw Shelby's picture on the cover of her new CD, I put the headphones on at Barnes & Noble, to take a listen and now own the CD. I really like what Shelby does here.

Shortly after that when watching an episode of October Road, I caught 10 seconds of a song... and set out on a mission to learn who did it. Turns out it the song was by "The Jayhawks" from their CD titled "Rainy Day Music". When I chased "The Jayhawks" on the web, I found the Lost Highway web site. There I was suprised to learn that Lost Highway produced both The Jawhawks CD and the Shelby Lynne CD.

I never paid much attention to who produced the music, but there seems to be a common thread with Lost Highway's music.

Check out the Lost Highway web site, they've got some great music there.
Patrick_odonnell... Believe it or not, I already have the Gary Louris CD Vagabonds, and I agree with you, that's one mighty fine CD. That guy has more talent in his little finger than half the artists in my entire CD collection. Every song on that CD IMHO is great.

Sbank... Like I said above, after hearing just 10 seconds of the Jayhawks' song "Will I See You In Heaven" on the October Road TV show, I found the Lost Highway website, where I set out on my mission to own that CD. Since the Rainy Day Music CD is out of print, and can't even be downloaded by the legal service providers, I was lucky enought to find a factory sealed CD on Ebay for $40.00. I bet the seller thought I was a sucker for paying that much, but for music like that, I would have paid even more.