Shelby Lynne

I have the new Shelby Lynne cover disc of songs recorded by Dusty Springfield. I think it is my favorite disc of the past 6 months at least. Others hear this?

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I have the record and like it quite a bit. The vinyl is a bit noisy but listenable. I understand it was recorded analog. Does anyone know if it was mixed and/or mastered in digital for the vinyl (was the same master used for both CD and LP?)? I year a bit of flatness that I normally associate with digital.
I received a response from Doug Sax. The vinyl was sourced from a 96/24 digital cutting master that was made from the original analog tapes. It is NOT a pure analog LP.
Hmm, I actually think the vocals are the best part of the LP.
As previously reported, the original pressing had a good bit of noise. Lost Highway repressed and they sent me a replacement copy at no charge. Great company.