Shelby Lynn: Just a Little Lovin LP

I was hoping someone could tell me if the quality on this pressing is good. I love the CD, but have gone all vinyl.I wouldn't expect anything revelatory, but was hoping it would not be a let down from the CD. Thanks in advance.
The first pressing was noisy. The second pressing was quite good. It's a nice sounding recording by Doug Sax but, remember, it was made from the digital master.

My copy is very quite, I don't know what pressing it was from. Great music.
I have both the CD and the LP. The CD has very good sound, but having said that, the LP (at least my copy) while slightly on the noisy side, won't let you down in sound quality.
I have a first copy and it is very noisy - asked for a replacement from Lost Highway but got no response. Overll I like this LP - very sensuous.
First issue was horrible. Record was warp and noisy. Haven't heard the 2nd reissue. Music is quite good.
Thanks for all your responses. I believe my Johnny Cash
American #4 is on Lost Highway. I think it's excellent, although likely from a digital master as well. SL's new album is on her own label. I will likely gamble on Just A L Lovin,
especially for $12.99. Just for those who didn't catch it, Shelby played the role of Johnny Cash's mother in "Walk the

I don't know what issue my LP is but it is quiet and one of my favorite LP's to listen to. Especially to check out carts. for vocal accuracy....
Same as above, my first copy was not good. Returned it to Music Direct and the new one is STELLAR, dead quiet.

I have the CD as well, and though it sounds good, it's still a 44.1 cd, and the vinyl blows it away.
Awful!!... And such great songs. No reply from the manufacturer when I wrote to complain. Didn't know they did a reissue but I can understand why. How does this type of stuff pass QC???