Sheilding Required?

I recently purchased a used 54 inch Hitachi projecture TV. I've been getting some inconsistant information though... can I put my Paradigm Reference 100's next to the TV without any picture interfence because of the speaker magnets?
I have my unshieled B&W Matrix 800's about 6" from my rear projection TV, no problems and my speakers have heavy magnets for the 4 12" woofers. I was told u dont need shield for projection Tv's and I would say I agree.
I can tell you how to tell.Put your speakers whereever you want to.If the colors(red yellow pink,skin tone to name a few)don't get blotches your're ok.If they do ;move the speakers pronto.Looking for blotches:If there is a large object with thoes colors along the outer edge it will fade/discolor.Get out a dvd or tape find a place where thoes colors are along the edge (close to where the speakers are) hit pause look.Also if there is an object of the colors I refered to moving on the screen see if it changes as the object goes say to the middle of the screen.WARNING:If the speakers discolor,and are left to long it becomes permanent.End credits of a movie sometimes have yellow writing as a sugestion.thirty inches is as close as I would get,and I have a rr,
Here are my understanding of TV and Speaker: First you have to understand a rear pro TV doesn't get effected by the magnet in your speaker only the tube tv does. Your TV must be getting it from something else. Try playing A DVD movie and see if there is any bad picture then go on from there. If you have any question feel free to email me directly.