Sheer Audio MM-77 tube phono preamp - - ?

I just pulled the trigger on this preamp and waiting for a Grace cart so I can get this up and running.
There does not seem to be much information on this 2 piece unit. On appearance seems very well made withe Nichicon, Rubycon, Wima caps....quality RCA connectors.
I bought it based on one member's favorable comments. However, another member I mentioned this unit to was not overly impressed and mentioned other tube phono stages that cost 5 times as much. Not a fair comparison from my perspective. I paid $335 so I'm NOT expecting miracles.
I plan on swapping some good NOS tubes.
Any Agon members have any experience with this phono stage?
Can you share your opinions, comments please?
My advice is not to listen to anyone, but to enjoy your new purchase.
I think Stringreen was right, its your ears you have to please....Give it a go....
I own one and think its very good. It is my first outboard phono stage, and I believe its as good as any of the other built-ins I've owned ( Marantz, Rogue, CJ ... ) Im using it with a MM and it has never yet left me wanting. Hard to go wrong at that price also.
Paul; i own sheer audio mm77 tube pre-phono since 2010 outside the box is sound magical w electro harmonix 12AX7 and 12AT7 cryogenic tubes but the first year in use we experiment troubleshooting in the left channel is start a noise like current loop in the power supply board i encountered a problem with one caps and i decidely to change the storage capacitors w nichikon audiophile grade gold and other 2 mini caps w phillips blue caps and the other remain cap is a nichikon audiophile green cap and i start listening i have a big improvements of sound i have more wide soundstage more pinpoint and more swettness w extended in highs and the lower bass is very tight and clean i am so happy with those box, my sistem is concerned by

Bada Purer 3.3 2009 circa w 6922 cryo electro harmonix
CD player Emotiva ERC-1
D/A converter Emotiva XDA-1
digital musi server Logitech Squeezebox Classic 3
Sheer Audio MM77 tube phono-pre
Project RM6.1SB w Grado Statement Platinum 2
Speakers Kef Q-900
Speakers Cables Taralabs prism helix 8 bi-wire w 2pr interconectors RSC prime M3 digital source Emotiva
Gena Labs coax spdif logitech squeezebox to Emotiva D/A converter

is not a big high end gear but the sound is amazing and very confortable this sistem i compare with high end gear to value $50,000 my audiophile friends audition my sistem and the said so i am very happy with that.