Sheer Audio MM-77 tube phono preamp - - ?

I just pulled the trigger on this preamp and waiting for a Grace cart so I can get this up and running.
There does not seem to be much information on this 2 piece unit. On appearance seems very well made withe Nichicon, Rubycon, Wima caps....quality RCA connectors.
I bought it based on one member's favorable comments. However, another member I mentioned this unit to was not overly impressed and mentioned other tube phono stages that cost 5 times as much. Not a fair comparison from my perspective. I paid $335 so I'm NOT expecting miracles.
I plan on swapping some good NOS tubes.
Any Agon members have any experience with this phono stage?
Can you share your opinions, comments please?
My advice is not to listen to anyone, but to enjoy your new purchase.
I think Stringreen was right, its your ears you have to please....Give it a go....
I own one and think its very good. It is my first outboard phono stage, and I believe its as good as any of the other built-ins I've owned ( Marantz, Rogue, CJ ... ) Im using it with a MM and it has never yet left me wanting. Hard to go wrong at that price also.